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Welcome to The Other Festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, unofficially taking place for the whole of Boris's time in office, focussing on 2022, the year of the official festival.


What do we stand for?


The Other Festival is the home for any artist or performer who is deeply concerned by the notion of an official festival. State support for the arts should not be turned into propaganda for an ideology or political party.


This is an open-access festival, and anyone is welcome. Our stance is pro European Union and anti-Boris.


We feel that the official festival of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is an attempt to impose a mainstream, homogenous view of our culture and we want to celebrate everything that different, everything that is other. Celebrating open-heartedness, communication, integration and the pleasures of living alongside people who are from different cultures.


We want everyone to have a chance to make any work they feel is other. Any kind of response to government propaganda and official national culture. A home for anyone who needs to howl in rage at the requirement to conform to a certain kind of Britishness that isn't what they feel. 


But we especially want to celebrate work that comes from different cultures and artists that that come from different countries to make Great Britain and Northern Ireland their home. The culture of Great Britain has always been influenced by other countries, and that's a good thing.


A nationwide network of shows taking place in 2022 will provide a home for audiences who want to be adventurous and try out anything other than the official festival. For them, let's make seeing a show an act of political defiance.


How will it work?


It will be an open access arts festival happening throughout the year of 2022 and we'll be working hard to get performers, makers and artists involved from all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Each producer or maker will retain full ownership of and legal responsibility for their show or piece. The government are trying to tell us what we can celebrate about our culture so our response is that anything an artist wants to explore is valid. Performance art, dance, mime, mid-scale period piece, short film, long film, novel, gig, tune, album, stadium tour, multi-year digital extravaganza, narrative, abstract, surreal, impressionist, improvised - you're the artists and it's your call.


We'll create a nationwide identity, a collective voice that is LOUD so we can attract audiences to our shows.


We’re working behind the scenes to smooth out the details and we’ll let you know as soon as we have them. Sign up to our newsletter below to make sure you’re the first to know how to take part in The Other Festival.

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